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Pro Demo
(pro) version, Perspective 2
By Matt Stedeford
(pro) version, Perspective 2
By Matt Stedeford
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The Steinway Walnut Grand Piano (pro) contains two mic perspectives. With 15 velocity layers of mic perspective 1, and 12 velocity layers of perspective 2, along with piano FX, sympathetic resonance**, and true staccato articulations in both perspectives, the Steinway Walnut Concert Grand (pro) has more versatility than the (basic) package.

This is essentially two distinct Steinway Walnut Grand pianos in one package.

Mic Perspective 1: From the player's position, for an organic warm sound
Mic Perspective 2: Directly inside the instrument, for a clean sound

Treat this sampled piano library like a live instrument; mix the perspectives like you would a live recording.

This instrument features the IS Advanced Engine, including damper simulation, a variety of sympathetic resonance, half-pedalling, and human FX controls. Click here for more information.

For more versatility, with even more velocity layers and a mic perspectives, click here to view the Steinway Walnut Grand (complete). For a detailed comparison between all versions of the Steinway Walnut Grand , please click here.

This library supports the following formats: VST, AU, EXS24, Kontakt 4 (or higher)*

To listen to more demos, click here.

Perspective 1
Perspective 2
Steinway Walnut Grand (pro)
(6GB compressed download)
15 layers
12 layers

Included in the Steinway Walnut Grand (pro) package, you will find the following instruments:
Mic Perspective 1 (Warm, organic player sound):
Steinway Walnut Grand (15 layers)
Steinway True Staccato
Steinway FX

Mic Perspective 2 (Close, clean sound):
Steinway Walnut Grand (12 layers)
Steinway True Staccato
Steinway FX

*NB: You cannot use Kontakt Player with this library. Please use Full Retail Kontakt 4 or higher, or EXS24, or use the included PC & Mac (VST / AU) version.

** The sympathetic resonance and IS Advanced Enginer features are only available for Retail Kontakt 4 or higher.

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